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Matějka, Milan, Krátký, Stanislav, Řiháček, Tomáš, Kolařík, Vladimír, Chlumská, Jana, Urbánek, Michal
Engineering, Materials Science, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, e-beam writer, silicon nitride membranes, nano patterning, anisotropic etching
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Membranes are typically created by a thin silicon nitride (SIN) layer deposited on a silicon wafer. Both, top and bottom side of the wafer is covered by a thin layer of the silicon nitride. The principle of silicon nitride membranes preparation is based on the wet anisotropic etching of the bottom side of the silicon wafer with crystallographic orientation (100). While the basic procedure for the preparation of such membranes is well known, the nano patterning of thin membranes presents quite important challenges. This is partially due to the mechanical stress which is typically presented within such membranes. The resolution requirements of the membrane patterning have gradually increased. Advanced lithographic techniques and etching procedures had to be developed. This paper summarizes theoretical aspects, technological issues and achieved results. The application potential of silicon nitride membranes as a base for multifunctional micro system (MMS) is also discussed.

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