Enhancement of radio-absorbing properties and thermal conductivity of polysiloxane-based magnetorheological elastomers by the alignment of filler particles

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Smart Materials and Structures, ISSN: 0964-1726, Vol: 26, Issue: 9

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Cvek, Martin; Moučka, Robert; Sedlačík, Michal; Babayan, Vladimír Artur; Pavlínek, Vladimír
IOP Publishing; Iop Publishing Ltd.
Computer Science; Physics and Astronomy; Engineering; Materials Science; multifunctional composite; magnetorheological elastomer; electromagnetic shielding; shielding effectiveness; thermal properties; anisotropy
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A design for the fabrication of more effective, thin, light-weight radio-absorbers (RAs) based on magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) is demonstrated. Carbonyl iron (CI) particles were incorporated into polydimethylsiloxane matrix either homogeneously (isotropic) or with preferential orientation into chain-like structures (anisotropic). The reflection coefficient (R) of MRE-based single-layer metal-backed RAs was calculated on the basis of transmission line theory. The results show that the orientation of CI particles strongly enhances the permittivity of the systems, while preserving their permeability, which ultimately manifests itself in enhanced absorption of electromagnetic (EM) energy and reduced thickness of RAs. Thus, RAs based on anisotropic MREs are characterized by superior EM shielding capability in the microwave frequency range compared to their isotropic analogues, which offers great practical as well as economic advantages. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of both types of RAs was investigated, since efficient energy dissipation is important to prevent heat build-up under a radio-absorbing shield and thus to extend the service life of the protected device.