Comparison of the motivation level of manufacturing enterprises employees in V4 countries

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Proceedings of the 30th International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2017 - Vision 2020: Sustainable Economic development, Innovation Management, and Global Growth, Vol: 2017-January, Page: 436-448

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Hitka, Miloš; Weberová, Dagmar; Ližbetinová, Lenka; Vertáková, Milota
International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA)
Business, Management and Accounting; Computer Science; motivation of employees; Republic of Poland; Czech Republic; Republic of Hungary; Slovak Republic; Tukey's HSD test
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The Member States of the European Union are affected by the same or very similar factors influencing employee motivation. In the article, we analyse the level of employee motivation in V4 countries. We assume that the level of economy of these states is similar and efficient, after 27 years of labour market development and accession to the European Union. Our research was conducted in 2016 and 2017. In sociological research 2183 respondents from manufacturing companies were involved in the questionnaire by the correspondence method. Respondents are made up of 898 men and 1295 women of different age and education, with different practices and different job positions. In the tests, we examined the significance of the difference in arithmetic mean and the standard deviation of the motivation factors of the observed samples at significance level = 0.05. Subsequently, we tested the samples by the Tukey's HSD test. Based on the research results, we have defined four most important motivational factors in the analysed countries. We conclude that the requirements for motivating employees in industrial enterprises are highly similar in the V4 countries. The most important factors are basic salary, good working team, work atmosphere and job security. Other factors include manager access, fair employee evaluation, additional financial evaluation, and workplace communication. Despite the similarity between countries, there are statistically significant differences. The biggest difference can be observed between Hungary and other countries when looking at motivational factors such as workplace atmosphere and good working team. Between the Czech Republic and the other countries, there are also differences in the basic salary factor. In the case of job security factor, we observe statistically significant differences between the Slovak Republic and Poland.