A novel algorithm: Tool to quantifying rubber blends from infrared spectrum

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Constitutive Models for Rubber X - Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber, ECCMR X 2017, Page: 213-217

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http://publikace.k.utb.cz/handle/10563/1008259; http://hdl.handle.net/10563/1008259
10.1201/9781315223278-36; 10.1201/9781315223278-31
I. A. Morozov; R. I. Izyumov; O. K. Garishin
Informa UK Limited; CRC Press/Balkema
Materials Science
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Infrared (IR) spectroscopy can be used to detect the polymers present in a blend, provided the unique characteristic peaks of the polymers are known. However, quantification of such a blend is not possible without modifying the spectrum because of vertical baseline shifting, attributed to various reasons. The present work deals with the explanation of a uniquely derived algorithm for baseline creation on and subsequent subtraction from the originally obtained spectrum. Using the algorithm, a scientific baseline fit was achieved which carved the way to find the exact relative peak heights of the polymers constituting a blend. The logical approach to frame the algorithm is the subject matter of the work. An introduction to using the algorithm for experimental quantification of a binary rubber blend is also provided. Of course, it is a general approach and can be used with equal effectiveness for any other binary compositions.