Povinné celoživotní vzdělávání znalců

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Pivoňková, Kateřina
lifelong learning of experts; professional qualification; tuition; qualification; control; andragogy; certification; credit system; source of information; celoživotní vzdělávání znalců; odborná způsobilost; speciální výuka; kvalifikace; kontrola; andragogika; certifikace; kreditní systém; zdroje informací
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In her thesis, the author deals with the issue of lifelong learning of experts with the aim of creating a uniform education system (hereafter called UES). It will be possible to use UES in all expert fields, branches and specializations and it will be systematic and lucid and will result from already known and in practise proven methods (e.g. certification, courses, specialized studies etc.). UES will be comprised of the knowledge of judicial engineering branch, its four fields of expert activities and the current methodology. It will integrate the newly suggested approaches which will define the lifelong learning of experts systematically and broadly, both on a theoretical level, the legal one especially, and on a professional level, i.e. practically focused on particular expert disciplines. The model example will include the lifelong learning of experts before their appointing to the office and also a credit system of learning for the whole time of carrying out the function of an expert while taking andragogical approaches into consideration.