Modeling of the Simultaneous Influence of the Thermal Noise and the Phase Noise in Space Communication Systems

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Baran, O.; Kasal, M.
Ansoft Designer; thermal noise; AWGN; phase noise; FIR filter; noise bandwidth
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Our work deals with studies of a noise behavior in space communication systems. Two most important noise types the additive thermal noise and the multiplicative phase noise, respectively, are included. A simple model of the narrowband communication system is created and simulated in the Ansoft Designer system simulator. The additive thermal noise is modeled as AWGN in a communication channel. The phase noise is produced in transmitter and receiver oscillators. The main intention is to investigate the receiver filter bandwidth decrease effect on powers of both noise types. Results proposed in this paper show that for defined system conditions and for a certain filter bandwidth value, the power of the multiplicative phase noise equals to the additive thermal noise power. Another decrease of the filter bandwidth causes the phase noise power exceeding. To demonstrate the noise behavior transparently, input system parameters are properly selected. All simulation results are documented by theoretical calculations. Simulation outcomes express a good coincidence with presumptions and calculations.