3-D Center-Weighted Vector Directional Filters for Noisy Color Sequences

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Lukac, R.
Color image sequences; vector filters; directional processing; weight vector; impulse noise
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This paper focuses on a noise filtering in color image sequences, where a new class of center-weighted vector directional filters is provided. According to high dimensionality of color image sequences, where besides the spatial frequencies in the frames it is necessary to consider the temporal correlation of an image sequence and the correlation between color channels too, the processing of color image sequences represents very important and interesting problem. Clearly, the color image sequences represent three-dimensional (3-D) vector-valued image signals and thus, the 3-D vector filters provide optimal approach, only. Novelty of this paper lies in the impulse noise suppression by a new class of center-weighted vector directional filters, where the influence of the filter parameter to filter performance is analyzed. The interesting behavior of a new filter class is illustrated by a number of experimental results and comparisons with the well-known filtering algorithms for color image sequences.