Scattering fields control by metamaterial device based on ultra-broadband polarization converters

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Radioengineering, ISSN: 1210-2512, Vol: 25, Issue: 4, Page: 707-713

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Si Jia Li; Xiang Yu Cao; Jiang Feng Han; Zhao Zhang; Xiao Liu; Kui Sheng Feng; Chen Zhang; Li Ming Xu
Brno University of Technology
Engineering; Ultra-broadband; radar cross section reduction; metamaterial; polarization converter
article description
We proposed a novel ultra-broadband metamaterial screen with controlling the electromagnetic scattering fields based on the three layers wideband polarization converter (TLW-PC). The unit cell of TLW-PC was composed of a three layers substrate loaded with double metallic split-rings structure and a metal ground plane. We observed that the polarization converter primarily performed ultra-broadband cross polarization conversion from 5.71 GHz to 14.91 GHz. Furthermore, a metamaterial screen, which contributed to the low scattering characteristics, had been exploited with the orthogonal array based on TLW-PC. The near scattering electronic fields are controlled due to the change of phase and amplitude for incident wave. The metamaterial screen significantly exhibited low scattering characteristics from 5.81 GHz to 15.06 GHz. To demonstrate design, a metamaterial device easily implemented by the common printed circuit board method has been fabricated and measured. Experimental results agreed well with the simulated results.