An electronically tunable current-mode quadrature oscillator using PCAs

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International Journal of Electronics, ISSN: 0020-7217, Vol: 99, Issue: 5, Page: 609-621

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Herencsár, Norbert; Lahiri, Abhirup; Vrba, Kamil; Koton, Jaroslav
Informa UK Limited
Engineering; active RC circuits; current-mode (CM); electronically tunable quadrature oscillator (ETQO); programmable current amplifier (PCA)
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This article presents a new realisation of active RC sinusoidal oscillator with electronically tunable condition and frequency of oscillation (FO). As compared to the class of three resistors, two capacitors (3R-2C)-based canonic oscillators, the circuit proposed here uses only two resistors and two capacitors as the passive components and still provides non-interactive tuning laws for the condition of oscillation and the FO. The proposed circuit employs new bipolar programmable current amplifier as the active building block and is capable of simultaneously providing two explicit quadrature current outputs. SPICE simulation results have been included to verify the workability of the circuit as an oscillator and the tuning range of the FO. © 2012 Taylor & Francis.